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RWBY 6 - Argus City Support

Weston T Jones and Urban McLafferty really made my support job easy on this one. Weston designed a great kit break down for the city and Urban focused on all of the architectural heavy lifting. I focused on set dressing and help with randomization and optimization of the city. I implemented the Redshift Userdatacolor node overrides for all building parts to help with color variety. I also used Urban's kit to randomize some of my own buildings and then implemented them in the set utilizing Redshift proxies.
I feel very lucky to have been able to contribute to RWBY this season while also working on Gen:Lock.

Christopher barker arguspropsa publish

I kept the glowing bits a flat color for post flexibility. Weston's concept really made this easy.

Christopher barker argus propsb publish

Weston T Jones practically did my work for me here with his detailed concepts. I made sure the signs would look correct from both sides and that the 2d shine wrapped around the sign correctly.

Christopher barker vlcsnap 2019 02 25 18h53m20s417
Christopher barker vlcsnap 2019 02 25 18h53m51s056

I think this is one of RWBY's most successful environment kits to date. I know future productions will improve greatly from Urban's kit implementation method.

Christopher barker vlcsnap 2019 02 25 18h52m50s734

I ended up going overkill on unifying the street model and unwrap for this area for some snow blending.